Benefits for Students

Why come to Appleton A Better Chance?

It’s a question we commonly receive from prospective parents and students. What makes Appleton A Better Chance unique? We point to the following:

Receive a top tier education in a supportive, safe, urban community: Appleton, Wisconsin

Students attend one of three top-end public high schools: Appleton East, Appleton North or Appleton West, and live in a vibrant community in the heart of Appleton with a variety of opportunities to explore and learn. Appleton was recently named a top 100 place to live in America by Livability!  In addition to the three high schools listed, students can choose one of our charter schools.  Each is housed within one of the high schools – students go to the host high school for half the day and the charter school for the other half.  Charter schools are:   Fox Cities Leadership Academy,  Renaissance School for the Arts, and Tesla Engineering Charter School.  There is something for everyone!

College Prep Program

One of our board members, Chuck Erickson, works full-time as an Independent Educational Consultant. His company provides personalized college planning for a variety of high school students, including all of Appleton A Better Chance’s scholars. He takes the hassle out of planning for college and makes the process fun and rewarding for all students.

Monthly Experiences

A staple of our program is monthly “experiences.” We understand the importance of immersing students in the supportive culture that is Appleton and the Fox Cities, so we aim to coordinate at least one group outing or “experience” per month. Whether it’s attending a show at Appleton’s Performing Arts Center, a college or professional sporting event, or simply going out to a local restaurant, our students get a break from their normal routines and the opportunity to experience the local culture.

Collaborative Meal Planning

We have a part-time cook on staff who prepares dinner for our scholars Monday-Thursday. It’s a collaborative process where the students play a key role in setting a menu with the cook so no food goes to waste!

Weekly Tutoring

Students from nearby Lawrence University tutor our scholars in all core subjects during “study hall” on Monday-Thursday evenings. The scholars are to do their own work, but the tutors are responsible for looking over completed work, helping our scholars through difficult lessons, and answering questions.

What is it like to come to Appleton A Better Chance?

Hear it from our own students! Listen to their stories and their advice to others as they reflect back on their experiences coming to Appleton and entering a new community for the first time.

(Thanks to Weidert Group for their creative input)