Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors is a working group of professionals passionate about supporting young people of color and making the Fox Cities the most welcoming and inclusive place to live. On a volunteer basis, the board manages all aspects of Appleton A Better Chance, including student life, financial, and administrative needs.

If you have questions about the Board of Directors, or if you’d like explore becoming a board member, please contact us at

Current Board Members

Reid Trier — President
Curt Lauderdale — Vice President & Host Family Coordinator
Chuck Erickson — Student Affairs Chair & College Prep Coordinator
Angela Savides — Fundraising Committee Chair
Tyler Van Fossen — Compliance Secretary
Maggie Castleberg — Correspondence Secretary
Jim Fischer — Recruitment Chair
Shannon Gerke-Corrigan — Health Insurance Chair
Michelle Ruys — Treasurer
Alex Molitor — School Liaison 
Matthew Headley — Experiences Coordinator 
Megan Van Groll — Fundraising Committee Member